fabulous tricks for decorating small spaces

We all have an area in our home that we wish it were bigger. Whether it is a closet, a bathroom, or an entire house, decorating small spaces is very challenging. Finding creative ways to achieve balance within the room is the key.  Below are some of the pictures I found to help you decorate. Enjoy! 

Minimalist with a flair. The Murphy style bed can be folded to open the room more. The tucked-away cabinet combines usability with space-saving. And wall mounted shelves provide storage space without taking up floor space.

Bottom line

As you see in this example, placing your larger sets on the perimeter leaves for a more open interior area. The large window with scenic view also gives the illusion that the room is larger than it actually is.

Small doesn’t always mean bad. The table and chairs fit the room perfectly. Its space efficient but still chic. Added bonus is the created bookshelf from otherwise wasted space between the rafters.


A messy kitchen can be a headache, especially when the area is small. An organized one like this will be inviting and visually appealing. Grouping things and storing them together takes away the clutter feel and gives it the put together feel. Think man in a nice suit versus cargo pants and a hoodie.


 In some cases, you can draw attention with your piece selection. If done right, people will look at your decor and not even notice the size of the room.


Another great example of space saving and space utilization. Most houses with stairs have space that is empty and free for use. But most people either don’t realize it or just choose not to use it. In this case, the whole family gets their own cubbie hole!


A lot of office or study room space is taken up by the desk. The more grand the desk, the less space you have. Here is, yet again, another great example of maximizing space. What would normally be a linen closet or pantry was turned into a hide-away desk. The bottom shelf was transformed into the desk top. The higher shelves can be conveniently used as ordinary desk shelves would be. And best of all, when you’re done with your work (or tired of it), you can just close it shut. Literally!

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