The Man Cave

The Man Cave


Even in the healthiest relationships and marriages, the two of you will need a few minutes (or hours) away from each other. This is where the man cave comes in. Yes, we are focusing on that one room a man gets to call his own. Because, let me be honest, a woman usually has the most, if not all, say when it comes to decorating, furnishing, designing and just about anything you can think of in a home. Also, she’s the one to decide if you are sleeping in the house tonight!

So, with that said, let’s take a look at some of the awe-inspiring man caves.

man cave 1

Taking cave to the literal sense, accompanied with sweet theater seating.

man cave 2

Who needs to go to sports bar when you have one at home!

man cave 3

Some might call it obsession, but the owner would call it an art.

man cave 4

Simple, yet elegant.

man cave 5

For the chefs and grill-masters of the world.

man cave 6

It’s a fact, men love Vegas.

man cave 7

Nothing says man like earthy tones.

man cave 8

Pool table, check. Fire place, check. Scenic view, check. Man cave, perfect.

Home Theatre

For your entertainment, only.

man cave 10

A modern take on a classic idea.


And for those who feel a single room doesn’t quite do it. Check out http://modern-shed.com/

shedYou can build a shed and have a detached man cave. Be warned, though. This is literally giving your significant other a dog house to put you in!


When it comes to man caves, there are really only a few rules to think about.

  1. Utilize the space you have efficiently.
  2. Make a sensible budget and keep to it.
  3. Seating! Have some comfy furniture where you and your entourage can park yourselves on.
  4. Pick a theme and stay true to it.
  5. But most importantly. Add your own touch. It’s your man cave!


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