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Ways to Keep Your Home Flu Free

Keep your home from serving as a breeding ground for the cold or flu virus with these simple tips. Control your remote What’s the first thing someone does after calling in sick to work or school? They grab the remote and hunker down with Netflix and some chicken soup. Make sure their germs don’t stick… Continue reading Ways to Keep Your Home Flu Free

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Plants That Naturally Repel Mosquitoes

If you’re  the type of person who can’t stand outside for an hour without gaining a host of new bug bites, then this article is for you. Don’t let another Summer pass by in itchy despair — instead, rid yourself of the mosquito problem once and for all! Using only your green thumb and a… Continue reading Plants That Naturally Repel Mosquitoes

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ROOM BY ROOM Staging Guide LIVING ROOM AND FAMILY ROOM For the duration of your home sale, it’s important that you channel your inner minimalist. Remove your family photos, and other personal knickknacks that clutter up the shelves and mantle. If the room is full of furniture, try to get rid of a piece or… Continue reading STAGE YOUR HOME

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7 Fireplace Safety Tips

Posted by: RE/MAX Housing Blog Curling up in front of the fireplace with a book can be the quintessence of coziness on a cold winter’s day, but it can also be dangerous if you don’t maintain your fireplace and use it correctly. Here are a few safety tips when using your fireplace this winter. 1. Go… Continue reading 7 Fireplace Safety Tips

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Take Pictures Now

Take Pictures to Preserve Memories  Preserve the memories you’re making by taking photographs of your home now. The pictures will remind you of the role your home played with your family and life. Reminiscing is easier when scrolling through pictures to remind you of people and times. One of the least heard regrets is that… Continue reading Take Pictures Now

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Common Pests and Your Home

Common Pests and Your Home The list of new responsibilities can seem overwhelming when you buy a home or become a first-time homeowner. One responsibility that tends to get overlooked until it becomes a larger issue is that of household pests. A household pest is “a destructive insect or other animal that attacks” your home.… Continue reading Common Pests and Your Home