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7 Fireplace Safety Tips

Posted by: RE/MAX Housing Blog Curling up in front of the fireplace with a book can be the quintessence of coziness on a cold winter’s day, but it can also be dangerous if you don’t maintain your fireplace and use it correctly. Here are a few safety tips when using your fireplace this winter. 1. Go… Continue reading 7 Fireplace Safety Tips

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7 Things That Buyers Do That Cost Them Their Dream Home

Buying a house is a process. One where you’ll spend a lot of quality time with your Realtor. One where you might even drive him or her a little … nuts. No, we’re not talking about that time you called after 10 p.m. because you saw a house online and had to see it immediately… Continue reading 7 Things That Buyers Do That Cost Them Their Dream Home


3 ways to prepare for homeownership while renting

Why pay someone else’s mortgage? Be a homeowner, follow these tips. You may not be quite ready to buy your first home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start preparing now. Here are three actions you can do while renting that will put you in a better position when you’re ready to buy. Take a… Continue reading 3 ways to prepare for homeownership while renting


What are Considered Fixtures & Improvements?

What is the Difference Between Fixtures and Improvements? This is critical in determining what personal property stays with the real property (see paragraph 2, TREC One-to-Four Contract). If the item is permanently attached to the property, it becomes a fixture and cannot be removed.  If, however, the item maintains its character as “personalty”, it is not… Continue reading What are Considered Fixtures & Improvements?

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Take Pictures Now

Take Pictures to Preserve Memories  Preserve the memories you’re making by taking photographs of your home now. The pictures will remind you of the role your home played with your family and life. Reminiscing is easier when scrolling through pictures to remind you of people and times. One of the least heard regrets is that… Continue reading Take Pictures Now



Live the Dream Consumers are more easily living the American Dream of owning a home because of the incredibly low mortgage rates. Today, most buyers can get a much lower rate than their parents or grandparents got on their first home. In a recent housing survey, FNMA released information about consumers’ thoughts on the current… Continue reading LIVE THE DREAM



 You’ve Got Money Imagine that after checking http://www.SSA.gov to see what you can expect when you retire and estimated what your minimum required distributions from your retirement accounts will be, you’ve discovered that you’re not going to have enough retirement income to cover your living expenses. Ideally, it would be perfect if the extra money… Continue reading YOU’VE GOT MONEY